A look at the best Commercial Ice Makers

If you own a restaurant, coffee and/or tea shop, or even a kiosk, the most common additive to all your cold beverages would definitely have to be ice. It’s hard to find a restaurant that does not serve its drinks without any of these. While it can be made in the freezer part of any fridge, the reality is that this is an utter hassle to do. To remedy that, an ice maker is used. If you want to avail of one, here are some choices for best commercial ice maker for this year so far.

Manitowoc NEO UY-0190A Undercounter Ice Machine

The Manitowoc is a brand that’s famous for making great quality ice makers, and one of their creations is the NEO UY-0190A. Apart from the superior quality, it also shares similar features with other Manitowoc models, save for the fact that it produces ice at a swifter rate than others. It has a fully insulated bin that helps the ice you make last long, as well as a mechanism to melt ice and reuse it.

Scotsman CU0715MA-1A Essential Ice Cube Style Ice Machine

The second on the list is by Scotsman, which not only has good quality, but also has a stunning design that helps to complement various home décor. It can store 36 pounds of ice through its ice storage bucket, and can make 58 pounds of it a day. It comes with a slide-back door for easy access of the ice cubes, and it has an air condenser to make it more efficient.

SPT IM-440C Automatic Ice Maker

This is one of the cheapest models out in the market nowadays, and hence is perfect for startup restaurants. It’s one of the smallest ones, as it can only store 9 lbs and comes with an energy-saving mechanism, where the maker shuts down when the bin is already full. Indeed, this is the ultimate energy and money saver!