Which is the Best mode of Transport from UK to Tallinn?

It can be an awful and confusing predicament to find yourself in a position where you have to travel abruptly to an unknown place, and with little or no information as to which transport mode is best for your travel. This is what most UK travellers face when travelling to various parts of the world. If you are specifically planning to travel to a place like Tallinn in Estonia, then it is important to choose a travel option that will factor in cost, time and comfort. 6

Available Travel options to Tallinn:

Air Travel

Depending on how close you are to Estonia, you will find out that most flights from UK to Tallinn are cheaper than driving. That is if you consider the cost of petrol and taking a ferry to the place. If you live in London or Liverpool for instance, most airports will offer you direct flight to Tallinn.1-2


Travellers who take this option do so mostly because of time and comfort. The most common ways used by drivers to get to Tallinn are through Poland (Szczeczin border) or Scandinavia Puttgarden where there is a ferry crossing before the long drive


Most of the ferries to Tallinn in operate under a strict schedule. This means that you will have to at the ferry station two hours before the take-off. There are complaints that ferries take too long to reach the destination. To escape this predicament most Tallinn travellers use a combination of ferries and air travel or driving and air travel to increase the travel experience and cut down on travel costs.

Tallinn: reittimatka tallinnaan


Regardless of your travel mode is important as a Tallinn destined travellers to know the best route to Tallinn as it can save you time, money and resources. With Google, travel options are at your fingertips.

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