Top Notch Car Rental Services From Locationrakotobe-Mada.Com

These days, the tourism industry all over the world is really booming. This is absolutely good news since there are a lot of people who are earning a living in this kind of industry. One country that is constantly visited by thousands of tourists every single day is Madagascar. This is an island country that is located in the continent of Africa. This country has a lot of things to offer, as far as famous amazing places are concerned. Even so, it might be hard for you to visit all of these breathtaking sites because they might be far from each other. In this case, car rental services offered by several companies in Madagascar would be a big help.

Amongst the companies that are offering car rental services in Madagascar, one service provider that you can truly trust is the Rakotobelocation-mada. A lot of tourists have been trusting this company since the very first time it offers its car rental services. Here are the things that made it worth hiring:


Always Prepared to Back You Up

The company is very concern about its clients. This is the reason why its working staffs are always on stand-by whenever you need them. In case there are emergencies that will happen during your Madagascar trip with their car, they are always there to rescue you and make your fun moments continue. If their cars appear to have some problems along the way, they can offer you a replacement vehicle. You just have to inform the staffs. Hence, there is no need for you to worry regarding with the car issues for sure.

Professional Drivers On the Go

Rakotobelocation-mada always makes sure that their customers will have a safe trip while riding their cars. This is why they only hire professional drivers who completely understand the rules on the road. Yes, you guess it right. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of driving on your own for long hours since the company drivers are always there to back you up. It is included in the package actually. Meaning to say, the driver fee is already added on the car rental fee that you need to pay. Thus, why drive on your own if you can have a professional driver with you?

Competitive Prices

There is also no need for you to worry when it comes to prices since the car rental fee of the company is very affordable for you. The amount that you need to fee will be all worth it for the top notch service that you will receive. That is a thing that the company can assure every customer that they have got. The kind of car that you will be renting is one important factor that can affect the car rental fee.

Wide Selection of Cars

As said, there is a wide selection of cars offered by Rakotobelocation-mada to its hundreds of customers every single day. The cars normally vary from seating capacity and so many other aspects. In order to help you choose which kind of car that perfectly fits for you, here are the cars that the company is offering:

  • Hyundai Country

This is the perfect one for you to opt for if you are coming in Madagascar with a bunch of friends. The total seating capacity of this car is around 25 persons. The amount of car rental fee you need to pay is 60 Euros in one day with extra fuel needed for extended trips. It is a fully airconditioned car, so there is no need for you to worry about the sunny weather. It even has its own fire extinguisher that is important during fire accidents.

  • Mitsubishi Pajero

If you are lower than 25 persons, then the perfect car for you is the Mitsubishi Pajero. Along with extra fuel, you need to pay 50 Euros for the rental fee of this car everyday. This car has a sound system that is built with 12 speakers, so you and your group of friends or family can simply listen to cool music once you are still traveling on the road. Isn’t that cool?

1457970896-luxury-car-hire-BMW 6 GRAN COUPE

  • Hyundai People

Another car option that you can hire is the Hyundai People. With extra fuel, 40 Euros is the rental price for this car option per day. Thus, this is surely not a pain in the ass if you will go for Hyundai people. What is 40 Euros if you can have a nice and safe trip all around Madagascar anyway? This is a good shot for you for sure. Feeling the hot weather outside will definitely not happen when you are riding in this car since it is fully air conditioned. It even has ventilation grilles that can enhance the coolness inside the car.

  • Renault Megane

This car option is perfect for you to pick if you are just having a vacation with your partner. This is a smaller car compared to the other 3 mentioned ones. The price of renting it will be 30 Euros, with extra fuel.

In case you are still unconvinced to opt for Rakotobelocation-mada for car rental service, you can simply visit the company’s website, With this reputable company, you can surely have a memorable trip in Madagascar.