Get Acquainted To The New Phone Calling Technology: Voip And Its Prominent Benefits

With the raid advancements in technology, there have been so many inventions, which are complimenting the different arenas of technology. One such advancement in technology is the development of VoIP, which has changed the entire scenario of phone calling. This technology is basically a solution which allows the users to make phone calls using the media of internet. Earlier the complete phone calling system as based on analog signals. But, the recent upgrades in technology have resulted in the change of the entire situation.

The VoIP protocol basically adopts the idea of making use of the internet, in order to use the results the calling solution. The basic working of this wonderful protocol includes the conversion of telephone signals into digital ones, which are later on transformed into internet signals. These internet signals contribute to the IP packets which basically stand for internet protocol. Later on, these same internet signals are converted into telephone signals, enabling the user, to have a same calling experience.


Talking of the advantages of using the VoIP protocol:

There are so many points which accounts for the benefits or perks of using this internet protocol. Let us explore some of the points, related to the same as follows,

  • This type of protocol is very effective in business office, where one needs to continuously communicate with different employees.
  • One of the prime advantages of using the VoIP protocol is that is that the price charge of such calling system is much lower than the conventional type of calling system.


  • Not only low price, but this technology of VoIP also provides a lot of flexibility the users.

There are so many VoIP providers which provide the services. You can simply explore the different options online, and get the best among all!

Nec Terrain And Sv8100

Completely equipped, waterproof and rugged with an easy to use keyboard for messaging purpose, NEC Terrain is the ideal phone if you are looking for a device that can manage and survive just about anything. Irrespective of the fact that it isn’t the most pocket friendly device, it is still tough and uses AT&T’s 4 G LTE network. It also has additional features that indicate that it is built to attract the enterprise workers with microSD privacy encryption and push-to-talk feature. NEC IP telephony is also available and you can make use of its various features for business and office purpose.

NEC Terrain

No matter which phones come into market, the NEC’s Terrain remains to be a league of its own and is also considered as the toughest model in the market. Like any other typical rugged phone, the Terrain is thick and bulky and weighs slightly above 6 ounces due to the additional keyboard that is attached to it. This indicates that this device is not for those who are thinking about carrying it in the pockets of their jeans.


However, when it comes to handling it, it is quite slim and has a narrow frame, easy enough to be held with one hand. Manoeuvring with the touch screen is also not much of a problem, but it is a comfortable thing to do either. The phone is 2.54 inches wide and 5 inches tall with smooth rounded corners for the bottom and square corners for the top.


The NEC SV810 is a typical NEC IP telephony that has much to offer to the small and medium businesses. It can be connected with up to 512 users and is the beginner level phone for those who are looking for an affordable, feature rich and easy to use NEC phone. It has advanced functionality and also has many ranges for customers to choose from which sets it apart from the crowd. If you are looking to buy the basic model NEC phone, then this is the device for you. Though it supports connecting up to 512 user, it works well when connected with up to 20 users. One of the biggest advantages of this phone is the low price at which you can use it. For SME applications SIP trunking is essential and this device supports up to 200 SIP trunks which is a pretty good number.


The best part about using the SV8100 is that you can also use the existing phone line with it as it is a hybrid pbx. If you are looking to change to VoIP, then this device gives you the ready option when you do so. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with IP, you can continue using it for that purpose too. There are two modes in which this phone comes in the smaller versions. When it comes to NEC, you can choose from over 30 different handsets and pick the one that you are most fond of.

Communication Solutions

A good communication in any business is half the battle won! It forms an integral part of its success. The business telephone system is a boon for business organizations today. One such marvel of technology is the Avaya IP Office. Loaded with the benefits of VoIP phones, the Avaya IP Office simplifies the business communication by bringing the calls, messages, conferencing and management of the customer in a single system.


The system can be easily expanded with the expansion of business and has a centralized form of communication that sends mails, voice mails and text messages to the same inbox.

With the Avaya IP Office, you can get a customized software solution that is specific to the nature of your business. It gives the freedom to its customers to operate their business from anywhere using the internet connectivity and still not miss any of the features of the IP Office that they use otherwise from their work area.

Avaya IP Office-Benefits:


  1. The system is equipped with built-in intelligence that enables quick and accurate calls.
  2. Has a set up to call multiple devices at the same time that may be at different locations.
  3. The conference calling can host up to 128 participants simultaneously thus, saving time.
  4. The simplified communication system enables you to receive all your emails, voice mails, text messages in the same inbox, irrespective of your location.
  5. Using VoIP technology to make calls and not the traditional telephone network and slash the cost of telephone bills.

There are a lot of companies that take up the task of installing such telephone systems. They provide the complete package that includes the survey of the site, cabling, installing, bringing the system online and also training the people to use the system efficiently. They often provide post installation services as well.