Air Fryer: The Answer To Your Calls For Delicious Food!

A 21st century kitchen commodity that prepares food by making hot air circulate around the food and well, that’s an air fryer for you. An electric driven fan hovers warm air around the food at a very fast speed that cooks the dish and gives a burnt crispy layer to it, courtesy an effect called the Malliard Effect. With circulation of hot air upto 200 Celsius, air fryer has a huge advantage over the custom traditional fryer is that the former uses less or minimum oil to fry several delicacies like French fries, pastries, steamed fish and chicken.


Generally air fryers nowadays come with customized adjusted temperature settings and knobs that set up timers that tends to have more precision in cooking. The dish is kept on a cooking plate that is placed on a drip tray. There are scores of brands that put a claim to remove as much as 80% oil in contrast to the traditional counterparts. While most of the models have baskets that need to be shaken frequently to preheat the whole food evenly from all the sides, other models have an agitator that churns completely during the process.

Though there have been many instances of people who believed that this method of frying food in air fryer would lead to decline in the taste, texture and hamper the quality of the food, but studies say otherwise: that air fryers actually improve the whole aspect of having crispy food.


Though air fryers are mainly focused on cooking fries, there are a wide variety of other foods too that can be cooked in air fryers. Though the automated fans are noisier in some, companies have been looking for alternatives to mend it. Ready made air fryers have little or no application in oil when it comes to frying like the older versions of air fryers. The steps to get hot crispy potatoes are simple: slice the potatoes plainly, put them into the basket, select the timer that starts the fryer and after a few shakes, your fries are ready to be served hot in a plate. Properly set timers help fries from getting over-fried, sometimes to black charcoal remains.

Well, that is a really good news for office goers and students who need looks to start the day only after having fried delicacies to look forward to the whole day.