Chess: The game of Kings

Chess boards are used for one of the most classic board games that ever existed on the face of Earth. Yes, you guessed it right, the game of chess is played over this classic board which consists of 64 squares arranged in an 8*8 manner compiling a bigger square. All the squares are placed in a manner of alternative light and dark color. If you are a chess enthusiast too, you must have a look at the profile of my company. Moreover, chessboards are available all over the world that too in a variety of styles and materials ranging from natural wood to vinyl and plastic. All the high-level chess games are mostly played on formal wooden chess boards whereas most of the other materials are taken in use for informal game plays. Along with the board comes a set of 32 pieces, which is arranged on the board for the game. Each set consists of 12 pieces (one black set and one white). Each square in the board has a name ranging from a1 to h8 with columns ranging from a to h and the rows ranging from 1 to 8.


Let us introduce a small guide to you that will help you choosing the correct chessboard to get involved in a mind boggling game of chess.

Quick guide to select a chess board:

  • What purpose do you need the chess board for: Figure out the usage of the board: Whether you need it for formal playing, decoration, for using while traveling or for school kids. Decorative pieces come in a variety of materials and have intricate designs over them. If you need the board for school tournaments or for kids at home, you may go for plastic chess boards which are rough and tough and also not much expensive. Select foldable or flexible boards if you plan to carry it along with you. There are even magnetic chess pieces available that might be helpful while traveling.
  • Budget: Chess boards vary in pricing a lot. You might fix how much you want to spend on it depending on the purposes it might be used for. If you are a true chess lover, you might spend as much as you want as the chess boards might not get affected in the long run and also remind you of the memories you will make over the time. Do not go for expensive boards for informal playing and for kids. The cost of boards may vary due to the material used or the quality of wood used in the board. Also, the price hugely varies in accordance with the quality of craftsmanship on the chess pieces.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There might be several other factors that you might want to consider depending on your personal choices. Some of the chess boards and pieces even come with certifications. Also, there are some standards set which define the sizes of the blocks of chess boards which are to be strictly followed in the official national and international games.

Choosing Your Vinyl Record Players

So you decided to buy a record player instead of a modern day player or resorting to a laptop and home speaker. There’s just something about vinyl record players that makes you want to listen to music using it and only it, they have this nostalgic charm that you can’t quite get with any other record player out there. Take note that if you do plan on getting a vinyl record player, you can’t just base your whole decision in the price or appearance of one. Yes, we are going to provide some of the best suggestions or you, but in case you want to look out for more then let us share with you a few tips.

Have a look at the speaker, not all the vinyl record players you’re going to come across will contain built in speakers. Majority of the latest record players offer all three speeds when it comes to the vinyl records; the overly affordable ones will only offer you up to two speeds. Vinyl to MP3 conversion, one of the most loved features of vinyl record players is its ability to play either CDs or MP3 files. So for all those avid vinyl fans, you’re given the chance to create various formats for your collection. modernrecordplayer

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Not only is Pro-Ject Debut Carbon classy in appearance, it also produce sounds with great value; many of the budget buyers turn to this model since it’s the best one in its price range. This particular model has a carbon fiber tonearm, interchangeable cartridges and a low vibration motor. The vinyl record player’s structure is made of durable MDF and the platter is made of steel; not only is it designed to be durable, but it’s designed to be attractive as well. Some of its additional features are various colour options for the entire vinyl record player, removable dust covers and a minimalist design that works well with just about any room in your house.record-player-1

Rega – RP1

When you search for the appearance of this model online, you’d notice that it has a very sleek appearance. Above all, it’s very affordable and can almost literally take a beating from the users. The table is made of phenolic resin which enhances durability, the belt-driven motor can be adjusted manually in order to accommodate your personal preference and the tonearm is hand crafted alongside the special ‘Rega Carbon’ to complete the overall top quality of the design.

Why You Should Watch Gtst

No one can really deny their interest in soap opera; some just might consider it their guilty pleasures. It doesn’t really matter of that particular soap opera is overly dramatic, painfully cliché or unsurprisingly predictable because it will still grab the viewer’s attention. Soap operas have become a permanent part of people’s daily lives, which paved the way for long running soap operas. When we say long running, we mean long running; a lot of long running soap operas have aired for not less than an astonishing 10 years.  For the Dutch, their longest running soap opera would be GTST.

GTST stands for geode tijden, slechte tijden or you can simply call it Goede Tijden. It is the longest running Dutch soap opera as well as the highest rated one. As with any other soap opera, the plot revolves around family, friends, relationships and betrayal. But what makes them more interesting is the controversy; GTST has touched quite a lot of controversial topics.


Frits van Houten’s Death

Frits van Houten was a businessman which was introduced during the second season of GTST. As the storyline goes, the residents of Meerdijk quickly discovered that he was ruthless in his profession; he would do anything and everything to get what her wants. Of course with that kind of attitude, he had no friends, although women would line up to throw themselves at his feet. Because of the countless women, he had occasional affairs and regular one night stands. But despite all that, he married his one and only true love, Dian Alberts.

In the duration of his career, he had received numerous death threats, but only treated like jokes. Unfortunately, one night that started like any other with his bath when an unknown character showed up at his house. Frits was able to speak a few lines, his words indicated that he knew exactly who the mystery character was. After those few lines, the unknown character grabbed the TV from its place at the table and tossed it in the bathtub. Frits van Houten was electrocuted and killed instantly. One of the last scene of his death showed the crushed champagne glass which was still in his hand as he was electrocuted.


Frits van Houten’s death remained as one of the most significant scenes to be aired in GTST. After some painful waiting and a stressful amount of episodes, the killer was finally revealed on the show. The unknown character that killed Frits van Houten was revealed to be Hannie van der Kroeff, the secretary whom he had a one night stand with. The reason that Hannie killed him was his awful attitude towards her; this greatly angered her.

The controversy and shock from this event was felt by the audience about ten years later when it was revealed that Frits’ (now adult) daughter discovered that her father actually had a twin brother. The plot twist was that it was Frits’ own twin brother that killed him that faithful night.

Why You Should Download Vidmate

When it comes to watching movies, you will definitely start to feel the many benefits you will be able to reap from it. Not only will you get to be entertained, but you are also able to relieve yourself of all the stress you have had gathered up from work or school. It’s definitely one of the best ways to unwind after a long day, and with the many movies and songs available to soothe your spirit, you’ll have no limit as to what you want to play! The only problem would be actually choosing the best one for the night ahead. vidmate-app

Why Stream Songs and Videos?

Streaming songs and videos online will get you everything you want so long as you have the Internet. You get to play any media file you want and in no limit whatsoever. No need to pay for playlists, cable bills, or expensive cinema tickets, because you’ve got everything you need right in your mobile device or PC! With the many apps and websites that give you the ability to stream online, which one should you choose? It can be difficult having to find the best and most reputable app that will be suitable for you Android phone. But don’t worry, as you are now able to check out Vidmate!free-vidmate-video-download

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is an app for Android that will enable you to search, watch, and even download all the media files you want from various websites. Whether you are searching from Youtube or Metacafe, you will be able to find what you need and more in one little app! Not only can you watch and listen to media, but you can also download and save it as any type of file you prefer and in high quality! All you need is your Android phone and the Internet to install and start downloading your favorite videos and songs. This is great for those who want quick entertainment even without the Internet.

In Conclusion

You can install Vidmate through the APK files found online. Just make sure you download the Vidmate APK file from a reputable website. Once downloaded, you can now be able to start viewing and downloading everything you want for entertainment! So what are you waiting for? Download Vidmate now and see all the benefits you are able to get! Unwind with your favorite shows and listen to your favorite music for free today.

Find Out Is Custom Tattoo Design Right For You

The days of traditional tattoos have gone and it has been replaced by custom tattoo design which is in latest trends today. The tattoo enthusiasts and hobbyists are now considering the custom designs for tattoo compared to the conventional designs because the custom designs come with more choice in term intricacy, sizes and personal preferences and style. The custom designs of tattoo not just only offer them great level of satisfaction, but also allow them to decide on a theme which will suit their persona well. But, still some people are skeptical about the custom designs and wondering if the custom tattoo designs would be the best choice for them or not. So, to help them here are few reason why people must consider the customer designs in tattoo.

They are Unique


In comparison to the cheap and free common designs of tattoo, the custom tattoo designs are different and unique. The custom designs are made in a bid to suit the unique expectations of the customers and the designs are based in unique preferences and ideas of customers. The custom designed tattoos are unique in all means and you will be the only one wearing such designs. The custom designs of tattoo are based on personal experiences and hence you would have deeper link with the customer designs.

They are of High Quality

The custom designs tattoos are bit expensive compared to the traditional tattoos and hence they are of higher quality compared to the conventional tattoo designs. The custom design tattoos are basically made by the professionals and experts in the industry that has proven experience in tattoo designing. The custom tattoos are made to fit the body parts where the customers want to have the tattoo. For excellent designs in tattoo, you are required to go for custom tattoos. The high quality custom tattoo designs are available in different color schemes, like monochrome or multicolored. Overall, they look impressive and stylish on anyone.


Finding The Expert for Custom Design Tattoos

It is very essential to get the tattooed done by professionals that have years of experience in the tattoo industry. There are many professionals having their own website from where you can gather relevant information about their experience and portfolio. This will give you brief idea about their workings and how they can help you get custom tattoo design. Approach the experienced professional and discuss with them to get some custom design tattoo ideas.

A fascinating physics based game awaits you at the digital platform!!

Online gaming enthusiasts are inquisitive and desirous species!! They are always in search of something new and innovative that would tickle their creative side and transform desires into reality. At the wide spread enormous platform there have been so many inventions in the gaming world, that the avid players have now plenty of choices to choose from and enjoy the game to the pinnacle of its potential. With such a wide variety, it indeed becomes difficult to narrow our choices, but some of the most fascinating games have the potential to draw the attention of the audience for an enduring time period.1280x720-ywt Things you should be familiar with!

Here in this brief piece of annotation, we would like to shift your focus to an amazing game that has hit the charts the charts of popularity since the past five to six years.  Bringing in the togetherness of the important elements of technology and physics, this super exciting game namely Happy Wheels has been brought into the picture by Fancy Force and created by a well know and reputed name in the world of video game designing, Jim Bonacci. Featuring quite a few player characters, where the players have the liberty to use various and some of unusual means of transport to pass through the enticing levels of the game.  Some vivid and interestingly realistic and specified acts of violence has been a high point in the game which is basically referred to the as the graphic violence at any platform of visual media. User generated content on this extraordinary game has been phenomenal and avid players on the internet platform are enjoying this concept during their leisure time.2016040451633happywheels

Overview of the fascinating Game play!

  • Take a pick of a vehicle either a two wheeler, a bike or even a wheel chair, go straight ahead facing the unexpected consequences and try your best to reach the exit alive! Sound really interesting right? Well, when you explore the adventure in the journey at an atypical vehicle, then you will realize then there has been an elevation in your level of excitement, quest and indeed unlimited fun.
  • It may bring to you real time or animated live action that will be really fun to indulge into! So once you have stepped into the arena of this beguiling game, you need to select a vehicle according to your choice and explore the unexplored with the mindset to be in a desperate hunt for victory.
  • The actual plot of the game may differ because of the choice of the character and the specific level of the game. The primary goal of the game may also undergo a modification according to the level of the game.
  • However, in majority of the levels of the game, ultimately the main goal is to reach the pre- decided finish line and also to collect a good number of tokens. In some particular levels, there may be certain alternate goals for the enthusiastic players too. Indeed the remarkable graphic elements are some of the striking high points of the game.

Pinoy TV To The Rescue

All of us have something to be busy with everyday; taking care if kids, shopping, transactions and especially work. We don’t have the time to watch our favourite Kapamilya, Kapuso and TV5 shows whenever we please. It’s just so very irritating to miss out on episodes especially episodes of TV series; there goes your perfect attendance. By the time we find extra minutes to ourselves, we won’t understand the story anymore, we already missed out on too much and prefer not to watch it anymore. Luckily, there a solution to that, a website called

Switch from your television to your trusty computer, but of course you’ll need internet connection. Get ready to say goodbye to missed episodes, you won’t even have to run home from work just to catch even a glimpse of that day’s latest episode. It doesn’t matter where you are, inside or overseas, you can access every episode that they’re offering. In case you’re worried about hidden fees, fear not because watching Pinoy TV is absolutely fee; no charges, required accounts or anything. Now that we have tickled your interest and fully captured your attention, allow to us to tell you more about this

What is

Basically, it’s a website where you can stream just about any TV shows offered by ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5. Keep in mind that they host the links to the episodes, even multiple links at that, but they do not host the file itself; no option of downloads here.

unang hirit pinoy tambayan

They also won’t ask you to create an account or pay for anything; they don’t require any kind of personal information before watching an episode. If you ask us, watching Pinoy TV here is more practical since you get a hold of your time, you can freely watch whatever episode whenever you want to, in case you need to do something real quick then the pause button becomes a miracle options, there’s so much more you can do better.

According to the administrators, they only aim to provide Filipinos around the world a great access to just about any Pinoy TV show that they’d like. Of course there’s so many other website where you can watch Pinoy TV shows, but all of them require certain payment and not everyone can afford that. Even if they could afford the fees, they would rather spend it on something much more practical though a lot less entertaining.

What does Look Like?

Before venturing into the world of the internet, you need to know that the website you’ll go to is the official one. There are a lot of fake websites which contain files that will definitely harm your computer and leave you in tears. is a local website so it does not really have logos, special home pages or what so we’ll tell you what it looks like so you can be sure.

Once you open your browser and search for the website above, open the one in the top search. You should be able to see a website with a simple logo at the top left. The logo is just the name of the website (pinoy1tv), the whole word is colour blue except for the ‘TV’ part, that part of the logo is colour is a mix of red and a little orange. Meanwhile, the background is just white with nothing else on it.

The latest episodes are found at the exact page you were lead to when you pressed the link; the header should be blue and with the words ‘latest fee’ in white colour. We don’t exactly know the reason for this, but they have two search bars; one on the middle and one found at the top right of the page.

tubig at langis

For every user’s convenience, the episodes are named in the following format: title of the TV show the exact day it aired on TV where the file itself is uploaded; for example TV Patrol August 5 2016 Openload HD. If you’re having a difficult time looking for the episode that you want to watch, then you can search using any of the following: title, date, month or year.

Can I Find Every Pinoy TV Here?

Sadly no, everything and everyone has their own limitations and this website is no exception. You can only find Pinoy TV show aired by the following major media companies: ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5. Also, you can’t find shows that aired decades ago. What we found out was that they only host shows that were aired from the year 2013 up until now; so no classic shows are available.

Opening a Link

Once you have searched for the episode that you have been dying to watch, click on the name and you will be presented with a few links. Beware of multiple advertisements; don’t worry because they don’t attack your browser since they are mostly the one click things. You should be irritated with the advertisements; they are the main reason why the website is free anyway.


How to Contact Them?

Well we don’t really see why you need to contact them, but they did provide their email along with the memo for those who want to report them due to copyrights, piracy and the like. They want to inform all the reporters that they do not own any content on their website, which is true. Technically, they only host the links and nothing more.

What Records Do They Keep?

As we said, they don’t require any kind of personal information but they do record some. Remember, these are not personal information and in no way do will they affect your life. The non-personal information that the website automatically gathers may be internet protocol (IP) addresses, the kind of browser used to open their website, ISP or the internet service providers, date and time stamps.  If you’re wondering why they do this, well mostly for the sake of records and trends; they gather a lot of demographic non-personal information.

Awesome Neko Atsume Cheats!


If you are a cat lover and love those cute little fluffy creatures but cannot spend time behind looking after the cats just because it is time consuming and also, you have to spend time with your cats? Well, in that situation, Neko Atsume is the best game which is available in the Android and iOS platform, that you can play. Neko Atsume is a free to play virtual cat collecting game which has basically no end. In this game you have to fill up your garden with more and more cats. But to attract the cats in your garden you need to buy useful things like toys and some other useful equipment. But the most important thing to buy is food. The more food you will buy, the more the cats will get attracted to your garden. You can take photos with them while you watch them play in your garden, and save those photos in a separate album.f3ae166ab4de69093db5b6eda0fad015

In return, the cats will show their love by giving you gifts like silver and gold fish, which are called Niboshi, if they like your garden. You can use those fishes to exchange them for food. They will just leave those gifts in your garden after they are done with your garden and you have to collect those gifts. The other type of gifts you will receive is memento.

But then comes the worst part when you do not have enough resources to buy food or other resources and you do not want to spend your real life money behind those things. But do not worry, I have brought up some neko atsume cheats, which will help you proceed in the game without any problem. Here are some cheat which will help you get food for free. Remember, there are separate hack tool out there which you can use for unlimited resources, but, first of all, they are not completely safe, and then, you will need to complete some surveys which are very hard to complete and sometimes impossible, in order to get your unlimited resources.

But cheats are completely safe, you do not need to download anything, and you will get your result immediately.

1) Open Neko Atsume and collect all the gifts that you receive every day for coming back.

2) After collecting the gifts, close the game and go to your date and time settings section under the device settings.

3) Modify the date and time of your device and advance it by 24 hours or a day.

4) Open Neko Atsume. You will receive gifts again.

5) Open the Neko Atsume menu tab and go to the feedback section of the game but do not enter any feedback. Close the game at that point by hitting the home button.

6) Again, repeat step 3. (Remember, it is best to advance the date by a day.)

7) Open Neko Atsume again and repeat the steps. By this way, you will receive daily gifts in a day, You can use this step as many times you want until you get your desired amount of resources.

If you search the internet, you will find the some websites offering some cheat codes but they do not actually tell you how and where to enter those cheat codes. To reveal the process of entering the cheat codes, you need to complete their tasks like sharing their site in various social networking sites, visit various pages, etc. but they do not always work. Again, you have the option of using hack tools which are available online but that completely depends on your luck!

There are some other tips which you can use to play this game. These are not actually cheats but you can consider them as cheats.

1)If you want to receive a lot of gifts, then you should have those big white cats in your garden. You will need to feed them constantly and allow them to use your garden. Remember, you will need to fill their bowl constantly, as soon as their bowl runs out of food. When they will be happy enough, they will reward you with gifts which are generally in more quantity.

2)You can earn gold fish by trading them for silver fish, You will earn ten gold fish if you trade 500 silver fish.

3)Decorate your garden as much as you can, If you do so, It will attract more and more cats.

4)Use unusual or uncommon things to decorate your garden because cats get attracted to uncommon things.

5)Feed the cats with special foods. If you feed them with normal food, they are less likely to come back to your garden but special food attract more cats.

6)There are some items in the game which will bring a particular rare cat in your garden. Go ahead and buy those items to have rare cats in your garden.

So, these are some cheats which will definitely help you in playing the game without any interruption or problem. I hope these cheats will help you a lot.