What Is Weed And Its Purpose For Human Use?

From the traditional days to still now, tobacco leaves are very famous for the smoking habit of the humans. But it is very dangerous because it gives many dangerous toxins into the human body. There is also another smoking plant available named weed which is better than tobacco leaves. The leaves of the weed plant can be folded and flamed for the smoker purpose like cigar and cigarettes. However, it will not give harmful toxins to the users. The health effects created by the weed will only be lesser than the health effects created by the tobacco. This is why today a lot of people start using the weed leaves in their smoking pipes rather than the tobacco leaves.

Important things about weed:

The weed plant actually has many other names such as,


  • Marijuana
  • Pot
  • Herb
  • Grass
  • Boom

The weed or marijuana growing will be very simple at each and every home if the people are following the suggested steps. Most of the experts are telling that growing weed indoors is always the best instead of growing outdoors. Once you have a grown weed plant at home, you can just get the leaves from it and roll them up to add in your smoking pipe. When you have a habit of using the vaporizer, it is better crushing the leaves and add them in the vaporizer chamber to inhale the smell and other properties of weed for getting various health benefits. Weed will make humans feel relaxed, silly, happy and also sleepy. Sometimes, you will also get the scared and nervous senses when you have overdose of weed or marijuana. But overdose of this plant will not give any dangerous side effects or death like the tobacco leaves.


Advantages of weed species:

The weed or marijuana growing at home is very simple for all individuals. Even though the main purpose of the weed plant is for the smoking habit of the humans, it usually includes several beneficial properties to treat various disorders and diseases in the human body.

  • The weeds like lamb’s quarter and dandelion are edible for the human beings.
  • The roots and leaves of such weed species will be generally used for the herbal medicines and some foods.
  • In the making of few medicines and soup, burdock is a particular species of the weed used by the people in East Asia.
  • The insects also like the weed plants and they are very helpful to protect the plant from some other harmful pests.


  • When the people have weed plant at home, the effective and deep rooting systems will be very helpful to make other nearby roots and plants stronger enough for the best growth.
  • The extract of the weed leaves will also be helpful to treat the insect bites in the different parts of your body.
  • Milk thistle, golden rod, poison ivy, common lamb squaters, rag weed, dandelion and etc are some of the other weed species found in the different locations of the world.

How Can Marijuana Help In Cancer Treatment?

Marijuana is not only for the smoking but there is also medical marijuana containing several valuable medical properties. There are several scientific proofs and results available that medical marijuana has been the best treatment for curing the different types of cancers. Instead of the cancers, the medicinal properties of the marijuana leaves will also be helpful to reduce some unhealthy symptoms such as,

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Raise of appetite

It will reduce such kinds of symptoms and improve the health of the patients.


Marijuana in cancer treatment:

Now days, from the small aged kids to the adults are suffering from the different types of cancers which should be cured at the initial stage. If the patients have early symptoms of cancers, the doctors will suggest marijuana extract or pills to kill the cancer cells. By this way, marijuana will save the lives of the humans who are all suffering from the cancer. The health care providers who are all specialists in treating the cancers will prescribe using the medical marijuana as the part of their cancer treatment program.

For this purpose, they would suggest patients to grow medical marijuana at home. First of all, you should know which states have legalized weed or marijuana growth law at home. There are more numbers of states provide licensed for growing the medical marijuana for getting its medical properties. If there is a law to grow medical marijuana at home in your state, you start growing it for treating your cancer at the initial stage.


Different ways marijuana helps treating cancer:

When it is discovered that the patients are suffering from any type of cancer, the first target of the health care providers will be killing the cancerous cells. Once you have collected information about which states have legalized weed or marijuana growth at home, you begin growing marijuana indoors for the cancer treatments. The following are the different ways in which marijuana will help treating cancer and killing the cancer cells.

  • Vomiting and nausea – Marijuana will plant is well known for its unique ability to reduce vomiting sense and nausea caused actually by the chemotherapy.
  • Weight loss – With the cancerous cells and chemotherapy, the cancer patients couldn’t able to maintain the normal body weight. But the extract of the marijuana plant will be helpful to relieve nausea and stimulate appetite.


  • Pain – Marijuana is the best medicine for the pain relief. Those who are all having the chronic pain disorders can make use of the marijuana for the best treatment.
  • Mood – The cancer patients will actually suffer from the different mood disorders like depression and stress. The secret elements of the marijuana extract will make them feel good and happy to enjoy all moments.
  • Sleep – The people with cancer will also often suffer from the sleeping problems such as maintaining sleep and falling asleep. Marijuana or weed is highly helpful to improve the sleeping pattern of them.
  • Kill cancer cells – Marijuana helps killing the cancer cells in humans and also stop spreading to other parts of the body.

Strongest Strain Of weed – Don’t Miss The Crucial Details

Without any doubt, countless people worldwide try hard to know about the strongest strain of weed but without much success. It is mainly due to the lack of available information or people simply follow the wrong source. No matter what is your reason behind the failure, we do have some relevant information to share in the form of a short article. According to the experts, it is beneficial to read out High Times reports in order to know about the strains which are strongest. Every year a good number of cultivators try hard to win the Cannabis cup and come up with whooping THC levels. It is pretty tough indeed to have all the details about the strongest strain of weed as the list of top strains just keep on changing. You need to be on your toes all the time to gather best possible details. At our own level, we have decided to prepare the best list of the weeds and now the time has arrived to reveal it out. These weeds are definitely best known for their soaring THC levels and you can simply enjoy and relax with just a few puffs.


  • Brue Banner Strain –

Most of us all fully are aware of the Brue Banner Strain which is named after famous character Hulk. The weed has already been rated as the strongest strain of weed in 2014 and it has also won 2013 Denver Cannabis cup. It would not be wrong to state at all, Bruce Banner is highly popular for its high THC potency and most liked by the cannabis lovers. The weed has been derived from a perfect blend of OG kush and Strawberry diesel. Bruce Banner definitely has the potential to delivers an awesome punch of euphoria which will make your body deeply relaxed.


  • Death Star Strain –

Our list of the strongest weed is surely incomplete if we don’t mention Death Star strain. The weeds come up with 25%THC level which is huge. The weed tastes extremely nice and form with a combination of Sensi star and sour diesel. According to the experts, Death Star Strain is one of the most potent weed presents on the earth till date. If you want to enjoy the joyful day along creativity juices flowing out, you must opt for this particular weed right now.


  • White Fire OG –

White fire OG is just another strongest strain of weed which can easily deliver THC level of 28%. The name of the weed has been derived from the massive resin which covers the bud.

For guys, who are still searching for strongest weed, it would be ideal to explore quality online sources and focus on THC levels. THC level above 25% will always be considered as very strong. In recent times some of the weeds have been able to deliver 30% THC potency which we have not imagines a few years back but it has turned into a fruitful reality.

What Does The Marijuana Slang Eighth Refer To?

The world of marijuana contains small quantities of weed sold through the world. The gram is the smallest quantity of marijuana sold generally. Other terms found in this weedy world are eighth, quad or 1/4th, and ounce or 4 quads. The cannabis space is how the world of marijuana is described as. Though legal in a few states in the US, it is still considered a crime to smoke a weed. With spiraling costs, the weed is sold in small quantities.

Eighth and Quad of Weed

As you might have noticed, the weed is sold in quantities of grams. One gram is the smallest quantity, though dime is sold for 0.5 grams. It was commonly found that those who are new to the marijuana world do not understand few terms commonly used by sellers and users. When they want a small quantity they have to buy an eighth. But what is 1 8th of weed. It is 1 8th ounce of weed which contains 3.5 grams and is also termed as ‘eighth’. An ounce is split into 8 divisions and the term eighth comes from these divisions. One ounce contains 28 grams while one-fourth or quad contains 7 grams and one half contains 14 grams. These are the measures in which marijuana is generally sold in the market. However one gram and 1 8th of weed is the most frequently purchased quantity.


Cost and weight

One gram is one dub in slang language which costs roughly $20 while one dime is 0.5 grams which sells at $10. 1 8th of weed which contains 3.5 grams would cost $60; while ½ ounce of weed would cost $240 and ¼ ounce of weed would cost $120. If you are a first timer and new to this habit, you should be sure about the quantity, how much you require and how much it costs. Otherwise you would be easily cheated as marijuana is not a legal product that can be sold in the open market. Before purchasing weed, you should check to see if you are getting a good product which is also called as dank weed. There are chances that you may be ripped off your money by paying higher prices for low quality product.


New comers can know more about the product by browsing through our website so that they can learn more about what they are purchasing. With more and more people getting addicted to weed, the circle of weed consumers is on the increase in proportion to the awareness of the subject. It is not only the youngsters but also elders who are addicted to weed. By following simple hints regarding the cost paid, the quantity bought and the quality of weed, you can get value for money. Sellers usually may try to give you poor quality products. Sometimes you get less quantity as people do not measure the product before consuming. With such lack of awareness it is best to update oneself of the weed bought.

Cost Of Funeral Services

Cremation or the funeral services have become a serious business today with a lot of people planning their own in advance to avoid any financial burden on their loved ones later-‘after all it is just a body to be disposed off’, they think!

On the other hand, there are other people who wish to have a very modest cremation for themselves once they die. So the general perspective doing the rounds is to avoid having an unnecessarily lavish ending.

But before we decide to cut down on the unnecessary expenses involved, we need to know the cost of a typical cremation.


Cost of Cremation:

The cost of a cremation varies tremendously when planned through a funeral home or done directly through a crematory. Another factor that affects the cost is its location. Apart from the cost of disposing a body there are several other expenses that are directly or indirectly added to it like-

  1. The cost of obtaining the death certificate.
  2. The cost of obtaining a certificate used to release the body for cremation. The medical examiner is responsible for issuing such certificate.
  3. The cost of transporting the body from the place of death to the place where it needs to be cremated.
  4. The cost of disposing the ash and bones (cremains) either by burying them or scattering them.
  5. The cost of a casket or a container containing the body.


Though some of the above expenses only bring about a significant change in the expenses, casket is one of the most expensive items that can bring up the cost of cremation significantly. A lot of people opting for cremation avoid the heavy expenditure of a casket. Some of them however choose it for the memorial service that takes place before the cremation.