Best Video Baby Monitor

Children are the gift from the almighty and all of us are selfish when it comes to our family. It’s the inevitable truth that we are ready to do anything when it comes to our children and family. Most of us, who are living a busy life, what with the burden of supporting our families, it’s frequent that we are working most of the time. Even if we are home and still away from our kids, you know, during the night time or the time when we are having visitors at home, our baby is left alone. There are a lot of dangers which could occur even if we have taken the pain of baby-proofing your house. Baby-proofing helps but only to a certain extent. Here comes the importance of Baby monitors.

In the past, parents didn’t consider it a need to have a baby monitor but today, with more hectic lives and the houses getting bigger and huge, it almost feels like a must-have item. When you know that your baby is sound asleep and sleeping without any hindrances and problems, you experience a certain kind of peace and satisfaction which obviously cannot be explained through words. Buying a baby monitor can be a painstaking process what with all the different kinds of baby monitors and varied prices available in the market. We already have three different types of baby monitors with video, audio and movement.

Video baby monitor plays a key role in helping you determine whether to make an immediate trip to check on the baby or not. In some cases, the baby just wakes up momentarily and then self-soothes back to sleep. So, if you have a video baby monitor you can easily monitor your baby’s activities. The ability to have a constant look on your baby and see what happens to him can be quite helpful for you. The only disadvantage is that you cannot be alerted by a sound because it doesn’t detect sound. But, even if you have just a sound monitor, you need to listen for clues or go on opening the doors etc. which often wakes the baby. The best type of baby-monitor is thus the video type monitor for then you could check the baby without disturbing him or her.


A video monitor is again helpful if you have multiple babies and you wish to keep an eye on different rooms at the same time. Also as your kids grow old, you can monitor your kids playing in the room while you do other house chores.

One of the few important features to look for when you purchase a video baby monitor is to check for Range. Most products have range written on them; however it is the “open field range”. But, the fact is that we are not concerned about open field because we are going to use it in our houses where our baby is separated from us through walls. So, do not blindly trust the manufacturer’s range distances. They are usually misleading.

The second important feature is clarity that refers how clear and good is our video quality. It’s not necessarily important to get a crystal clear clarity but we should be able to decipher what’s happening with the baby. It’s just important for it to function properly and give us good quality images.

Interference is the next important property, one of which is degradation of the quality of image due to number of obstructions and walls or poor signal. This can be checked while buying. Just make sure you are purchasing from a retailer with a liberal return policy and save your receipt. Unpack your product carefully and test it immediately for any problems.

Then again, there’s a new technology of video baby monitors which allows you to keep a check on your baby while you are away from home because these have the ability to transmit over Wi-Fi. One example is Nest Cam and Withing Smart Baby. They allow you to view your baby on your iphone, ipad, Android or desktop computer. This is a fairly good initiative in the baby monitor market as often is the case that we are quite afraid to leave our babies alone with the caretakers. With the Wi-Fi baby monitor you could always keep an eye on them. Pros from this technology are that you can monitor your baby from practically anywhere that includes your office or any other place with your Smartphone or any device.  Another product known as Samsung Safe VIEW has a large parent screen and is easy to use. Nest Cam offers the best Wi-Fi video camera for monitoring the baby, but is fun so long as you have a fast Wi-Fi connection but then, it all boils down to that in every case.


Another product with the name Wi-Fi Baby Monitor comes equipped completely with all the bells and whistles you could want from a monitor. This only uses your own password protected network. The work of safety does become an important factor because there might be some hackers also keeping an eye on your baby at the same time. Reports have shown that several baby monitors lack security and are quite vulnerable to basic hacking attempts. The chance of an unknown person watching your baby’s every move is a frightening thought. Also, a hacked baby monitor camera can lead to hacking of other electronic devices at your house. So, care must be taken to unplug the camera when not in use.

Thus, keeping in mind all these factors one can purchase the best video baby monitor for your baby.