Funeral Services – Celebrating a Life Lived

Whether it is for self or for a loved one, a funeral service is a very important element in a person’s final arrangements. With the opportunity of having a good funeral director,  the funeral service can be personalized to truly reflect the unique life that is being honored. Whether you or the loved one has opted for cremation or burial, the funeral service fills an important role as it:2-Funeral-Planning Allows family and friends to say their last goodbyes

  • Honor, celebrate, and recognize the life of the deceased
  • Allow friends to console the family of the loved one
  • Provide closure after the lose of a loved one

In general terms, a funeral is a gathering of friends and families after a loved one dies, that allow them the opportunity to mourn, pay tribute and support each other while remembering the life of the deceased.  A funeral service is an informal ceremony which is conducted prior to burial and it provides a sense of closure to friends and family. Although the type of faith or culture might dictate the elements of a funeral service, if you decide to have a funeral director, he will have to personalize other elements of the service to suit the deceased.8742663_orig

What Makes a Good Funeral Director

The automatic answer is, a great funeral director should be empathetic, charismatic or even a great salesperson. But due to the drastic changing nature of the profession, the is demand for them to have more than the aforementioned qualities.  Some of the great qualities to look for in a funeral director for your loved one’s funeral service include the following:

  1. Curiosity

In funeral profession, it is easy to get stuck in your ways and believe you are a Mr. know all. But it will be great if you thought like a five year old who asks questions like “why is the sky blue”. Ask yourself questions like: why are things done this way? Does my family really love…? How can I make things better. It is a curiosity which will cause you to think outside the box, the comfort zone and ask big picture questions and make you to constantly improve as a funeral director.

  1. The Ability To Inspire

As a funeral director, you are supposed to always think in terms of improving value in the form of emotional support. There is nothing wrong with doing just that. When a bereaved family walks in your door, they expect you to be empathetic. To be a great funeral director,  you are not only supposed to give emotional support but to also inspire hope. A hope which will see tomorrow better than today for the bereaved family. Inspire hope that will see you connect with a family in a way no one else will be able to. Everyone can give emotional support, but few can inspire.

  1. Good Listening Skills

The moment a family walks through your door or call you, you automatically know what you will tell them about your services and products. You might find yourself in between, the conversation wanted to give out your memorized presentation. The problem here is, how can you be listening while at the same time yearning for the chance to make your presentation? As a good funeral director, you are supposed to be a good listener and families will actually tell if you are actually listening to them or not. If you are a good listener, the chances are, you might get so many referrals for your services.  Get to ask some questions so that you let the family talk more about their loved ones and their preferences. Once you become a good listener, you will be shocked at how much the family will want to share with you and how it will create a good rapport between you and them.

  1. Creativity

A funeral director in our modern day and time is not supposed to be just the person who is in charge ofthe disposition and technical details of the service, but a person who is the creative source for finding meaningful and unique ways of celebrating one’slife. Olden days of cookie cutter funerals are long gone and for you to be a funeral director who stands out from the crowd, you are supposed to be capable of putting a celebration of a lifetime. Bring value into a funeral service.

  1. Courage

Courage is the ability to be authentic. The more authentic you are, the more families will approach you and feel compelled to connect accept and receive you.  As a great funeral director, don’t use your desk as an armor, instead get face to face with families in an empathetic manner by sharing stories of their loss. By being courageous and stripping them of anything that is keeping them from serving every family with their whole heart,you will them over.

Share the information with others so that they get to know the qualities to look for in a good funeral director for the funeral services of their loved ones.