Explore The Beauty Of This Malaysian City

Although there are a number of places you can pick for a vacation, Malaysia is one of the best places to visit which is why each year tourist flood this country for a perfect holiday with their loved ones. Although Malaysia has a lot to offer, most people end up exploring only parts of this country mainly because they do not get their research done correctly. Malaysia is an affordable place to visit which is why it is a hot pick amongst tourists all over the world. Most people who visit Malaysia end up staying at Kuala Lumpur mainly because this city is the major hub of the country. It is well connected with all other cities and also has the major airport for international flights. If you plan on booking a hotel in KL that’s a good idea, however there are places around KL which are also worth exploring. JB is one such city and you can take the bus to JB from KL in order to explore Malaysia in detail. bus-to-jb-3

The bus journey from KL to JB is about 6 hours and you can explore some of the most beautiful sights while traveling here. Bus tickets are also a lot more affordable in comparison to other modes of transport which is why it is better to travel by bus. The frequency of buses from JB to KL is high and this makes it easy for you to pick a bus at a convenient time for you. Always make sure you check out the places to visit in JB before you head there to save on time.bus-to-jb-2

If you are visiting JB for the first time then you should definitely make time and visit the Teluk Sengat crocodile farm. This is one of the largest crocodile farms you will ever see with over 1000 crocodiles here. The care takers at the Teluk Sengat crocodile farm take good care of the crocodiles and they also do their bit to protect all the visitors from any attacks. The crocodiles are unpredictable and can never be trained. If any visitor gets too close to any of the crocodiles there is no one who can stop it from tearing that person apart. At the Teluk Sengat crocodile farm extra care is taken for the safety of all visitors. There is a lake in the middle of the farm where all the crocodiles love lazing around. Since all crocodiles are at one location there is no fear of bumping into them anywhere on the farm. There are various shows that are put together for the visitors as well. This keeps the visitors entertained and everyone will get to learn something new as well. The Teluk Sengat crocodile farm is known for treating the crocodiles well. The visitors can also see what food is being fed to the crocodiles and if every crocodile is treated equally. Children can learn a lot about these amazing reptiles by visiting the Teluk Sengat crocodile farm.

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