A Peek Into The Streets Of Venice!

Birthed from a 100 tiny islands resting on the magnificent lagoon planted on the Adriatic Sea, Venice is not known just as the capital of Northern Italy but also as a city that epitomizes heaven on earth. Its extraordinary geographic location makes it a magnificent tourism hub. Water decorates the foundation of every stone palace and canals and boats are the only means of transport in this city. Enticed already? Let me spill more details on all the Venice attractions that every travel enthusiast must be aware of!

Venice attractions:

The focal point of Venice is the Piazza San Marco, which is a magnificent square replete with breathtaking monuments like the St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, which infuses a Gothic touch to this city’s architecture. Standing in this square is a thrill in itself and the clock tower built between 1496 and 1506 only adds to its charm. Every Venice trip must have atleast one gondola ride, which is the best way to witness the Grand Canal in its true glory.


Venetians pride themselves on their cuisine and this is evident from the numerous wine tastings and gastronomic tours that the city offers to newcomers. The tallest building in the city is Campanile and one can experience a magical bird’s eye view of Venice and the entire lagoon, from atop this towering structure. A vaporetto, which is the name given to a Venetian wate rbus, is the best way to absorb the mind-numbing historical significance of Venice in the form of a Grand Canal tour. The Rialto Bridge is a classic footbridge adorning the Grand Canal while the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is a repository of modern art in the form of a museum. Venice has garnered praise internationally for its contribution to contemporary art and history and such museums are living proof to this fact. As a contrast to this rich culture, Lido di Venezia consists of beaches, markets and resorts to soothe the mind.



Italy is a country famous for its diverse culture and Venice is one such city that demonstrates this perfectly. It stands out for its unique contribution to world history and art and one simply cannot stop gushing about the marvel that this city is. Right from masked parties like the Carnevale to lagoon bars like the Vincent Bar, Venice has it all and all one needs to do is prepare oneself to get consumed by this Italian brilliance. So, are you ready to witness the magic that Venice has to offer?

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