How to Setup a Portable Hammock Stand – Step by Step Method

The part where we need to set up the Portable Hammock stands might appear a bit difficult as we deal with all the geometry and the angles, but in fact, it is relatively very simpler. The method of placing is easy and also forgiving and therefore it doesn’t matter even if your angles are perfect as long as the two support cords are of equal length and even to balance the portable hammock stand. However, one should understand that it takes around 15 minutes and eventually you will end up setting up in approximately 4 minutes. Here’s a step by step method on how to set up the portable hammock stand:


  1. Layout the hammock on the ground initially in a specific position that you want to hang it. Place the end pointed at the bottom section (at one side) near the hammock’s end at an angle or around 80°. This is to make sure that the hammock is tilted away from the direction that you want it to be hung eventually. In this situation, be sure that the angle cut’s longest side is facing the hammock’s direction. Now, use a mallet (rubber) as a hammer in the ground until it is planted firmly with depths varying in the soil composition.portablehammockstand10small
  2. Slide a pipe connector and a top piece on the inside. While looking at the pipe, line up the support cord at an angle of 30° to the centre. Use the loop that is made at the support line’s end and create a hitch girth around the stakes head. Repeat the same procedure on the alternative end of the support cord connecting a bridge to the first post support. Connect the hammock to the support and then pull the cords until they are straight but not very tight. Now, hammer the stake into the ground at an angle away from the post and repeat it with the second stake and the cord.
  3. Assemble the second post and connect the hammock to the top loop of the second support. Now, position the post again making an angle of 80° so that the hammock makes a curve on the ground at the bottom of a foot. Mark this area where the bottom should be hammered. Now, disconnect it from the second post and start disassembling the post. Hammer the stake in the bottom and then reassemble the post to balance out. Repeat the above steps again to set the cords for the second support post.
  4. Clip this hammock into the second support post. Set things properly so that the cords are straightened and a bit tightened enough to provide adequate strength and prevent the posts from outward bowing. This system usually supports around 300 lbs on the whole and acts well when two people use it. However, one has to use both posts for a free standing structure or one post in order to connect a hammock and other to a tree or any other rigid structure.
  5. The aluminium stakes make the difference, and it is necessary to choose the right PVC pipes that can be stored and transported without any damage. Leave the longest tail in order to make the pulling up easy as well as taking down.

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