Why Women Love Solar Nails

Women have always paid exceptional attention to their nails and toes; this may not be too far from primal instinct which prompts female specie to draw attention to their selves by using a few tactics such as flamboyant colours, scent and behavioural characteristics. In non-scientific terms women love their nails and they like the attention it draws, they like to glitter and radiate with the latest of fashion trends. This is perfectly understandable especially since we are in the age of social media where your actual existence is more of virtual than physical. Women love to take and upload daily selfies in order to keep their social media presence active. This is quite a task, as it means continuous revalidation and maintaining a high social and fashion status and to continually recreate yourself. This is evident with women in show business.

The latest form of nail extensions are called solar nails. There is little or no difference between the solar nails and acrylic nails as both have the same material composition. A solar nail however beats its look-alike clearly from appearance and durability, maintaining its color under an extremely hot weather.

A lot of concern is raised on the possibility of breakage during washing or some other form of house hold responsibilities. These concerns are needless as solar nails are built tough.  This is better than the regular acrylic nail extensions which would send you back to your nail specialist a few times after fixing due to breakage and discoloration. The solar nail can last as long as two weeks or more and can be refilled for a lasting feature.

If you would like to take your solar nails off yourself at home, this can be done easily by dipping your fingers in acetone for about 15-20 minutes and gently peel the nail off. If it doesn’t come off easily, dip your fingers in acetone for 10 more minutes.